A Culture That Rewards Teamwork

A message from our founder

A career in sales holds a lot of allure. Sales holds the promise of big payouts and an expensive lifestyle. And for roughly the top 10%, it can deliver. But your job security is only ever as certain as your most recent quarter.

Most companies take a “cattle call” approach to hiring sales personnel. A group of 12 – 20 people are hired, given a week of “training” and turned loose to sink or swim. Whether they work in a “boiler room” with rows of phones or drive around their city to different events, these salespeople have to find prospects, develop those prospects, and finally sell to them.

It’s a tough road with little pay. And companies don’t care. They pay a minimal salary, at best. If the salesperson fails, they hire another. If they succeed, the question is for how long.

Accordingly, salespeople tend to move from organization-to-organization quite frequently. Why be loyal to a company which isn’t loyal to you?

Such sales organizations also sow dissent within the larger company because the successful salesperson can make large commissions. However, sales rarely happen in a vacuum. Administrative staff, technical experts, subject matter experts, and marketing personnel all play a significant role. Yet these roles are either paid an hourly wage or annual salary. When sales increase, their salaries remain the same. The salesperson is highly pressured and incented, but all the other personnel who contribute don’t partake in the incentives at all.

I’ve spent years working in companies to drive rapid growth and change. To do this, ultimately the personnel who produce the growth and profit must be compensated for doing so.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t believe everyone should be compensated the same way. But I also believe in proper compensation to encourage, support and drive high performance.

The question then is: is it possible to have a high performance, 21st century company where you don’t have to sacrifice your soul or sanity? Where you can sell AND make a real difference for you clients? Where you can grow, learn, develop AND earn a competitive income?

Welcome to Cyber Armada. As the founder, this is the company I always wanted to create.

Most technology companies are not the kind of organizations in which I’d want to work. Salespeople come and go in an endless stream. They are expected to be jack-of-all-trades with exceptional expertise in all aspects of sales – from canvassing, to lead generation, to closing. The company culture which they operate in is an everyone-for-themselves, cutthroat, high-pressure machine where minimal time is spent on training.

Who wants to spend their days dialing endless numbers to get, if they’re lucky, a 1-2% close rate?

Insurance companies, run on a producer model, aren’t much better for relatively new salespeople. You are “trained” and expected to go out and work your network, meaning everyone you know, to try to get them to change from their current insurance agent to you. When you run out of people, you run out of a job.

In both cases, you spend a lot of time on the phone or in the car as you shuttle from meeting to meeting… if you’re able to schedule those meetings in the first place.

It’s true that some will thrive in such an environment… but generally only when they are willing to sacrifice everything else.

But there is another way.

At Cyber Armada, we believe in high performance and profit, but we believe the best way to get there isn’t an old school sales approach.

We embrace continual training and development (cyber risk evolves almost daily); we keep pace with the changes and enable all personnel to do the same.

At Cyber Armada, we make a real difference to our clients. We provide cyber insurance policies to companies that otherwise likely wouldn’t survive a cyber-attack. The cost of cyber incidents continues to grow year-over-year, yet better than 64% of middle market companies aren’t currently covered.

Why? Because traditional insurance sales models (not to mention technology models) have dis-incentivized sales personnel from developing the necessary skills to be able to inform and educate C-level executives so they may make financially sound cyber risk decisions.

That’s where Cyber Armada comes in.

At Cyber Armada, we don’t chase, hound, pressure or pursue prospective clients who might, or might not, want our advice and assistance. Rather, we generate leads by providing valuable content and information about cyber risk in exchange for contact information.

Cyber Advisors then reach out to companies who have downloaded, watched or listened to our information to see if we can provide further education or information. Our goal isn’t to sell to these prospects immediately via high pressure techniques. Instead, we aim to be the friendly, professional and highly informed advisors on cyber risk issues.

When a company is educated to the point where they want to examine their specific potential cost of a cyber-attack, Cyber Agents are there to walk them through a brief presentation of potential costs and go over the details of how cyber insurance is the solution (as it always is for middle market companies).

And all of this interaction happens from Cyber Armada headquarters in South Florida, whether the client is in California, Pennsylvania or around the corner. We work virtually with our clients via Zoom video conferencing.

Our offices, under development, are modeled on the Silicon Valley approach of open, airy spaces with energetic colors in a clean, sharp, modern environment.

I never want to work in an office which I don’t enjoy, and I don’t ever want our people to either.

So, if we don’t have high-pressure, commission-based salespeople, what do we have?

Cyber Armada is a team. And like all teams, we win or lose together. Our people are paid above average base salaries, with highly competitive benefits, with company revenue targets as triggers for bonus compensation.

Collaboration is a key to our success. Sales and marketing… work together. Salespeople engage in company-wide discussion of what works, what doesn’t and how best to serve our clients. Regularly scheduled team discussions, training for knowledge and skill development and mentoring sessions are combined with day-to-day interaction with sales and marketing leaders in which all our people have the opportunity to grow and advance as far as they wish.

If you’re interested in the up-and-coming field of cyber risk and think you’re up to the challenge of being a high performing team member in a Silicon Valley-in-South-Florida company, complete the application on our website to get started on the path to a great career.