Request a Cyber Security Assessment

Please provide us with some basic information about your business. Based on this information and an automated scan of your company's website, we can provide you an initial view of your business' security posture. This "Security Score" identifies real vulnerabilities and classifies them into three levels of severity:

  1. Critical Vulnerabilities
  2. Moderate Vulnerabilities
  3. Cyber Hygiene Issues

Today, most businesses manage their cyber risk with a patchwork of security and mobile technologies that don't work together. Information Security policies are often not aligned or integrated with stretched IT teams, increasing the burden and magnifying the severity of potential cyber events.

Will your business survive a major cyber event? The statistics are not in your favor.

Currently 68% of US businesses have not purchased any form of cyber liability or data-breach coverage. Are you adopting the right risk strategies to match the increasing rate of cyber risks you face?

When it comes to getting Cyber Liability Coverage for small and medium sized businesses, Cyber Armada knows the biggest problem is finding an Insurance Agent that knows a thing or two about Information Security. Lots of agents can hand you an application, very few can have meaningful discussions about what it all means.