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In today's world, cyberattacks are happening at an ever increasing pace, with each breach more expansive than the last. Cyberattacks are inevitable and they are not going away. As a result, either because of a client mandate or your own realization that a major cybersecurity incident could cripple your business beyond repair, you seek out an insurance policy to provide the right coverage... and then you encounter the knowledge and skills gap...

At Cyber Armada, cyber insurance is what we do... it’s all we do.

We speak and understand insurance... as a matter of fact, our agents are appointed by The Langley Agency, with a solid history in insurance going back almost three decades. However, when it comes to working with cyber insurance, there is a whole new language insurance agents must speak to facilitate and move the application process along efficiently. The CSX Certification is a way that Cyber Armada Agents can demonstrate to you that we understand the principles that frame and define cybersecurity. Our training and background in Information Security gives you an advantage over working with other insurance agents, simply because we can answer questions on the fly and work with you collaboratively. Finding an agent who can provide you a Cyber Liability Insurance Application is not difficult, but finding an agent who can walk you through the process, who understands technical IT jargon, and who understands the roles different cybersecurity professionals play in protecting your data, shouldn't be difficult either. With Cyber Armada you won't be on your own to figure it all out - we got you covered!