Christina Tiierney

VP Marketing

Christina leads the charge in the execution of Cyber Armada’s multifaceted marketing strategy, actively positioning the company as a go-to resource for the emerging cyber insurance marketplace. Before joining Cyber Armada, Tierney served in a variety of leadership roles for both corporate and agency organizations, including Red Reef Digital, NXTurn, and Bright Red/Omnicom. This blended experience has helped her craft and execute highly-consequential marketing strategies, build efficient teams, and drive overall business success.

Enjoys: painting, fiber arts, playing the ukulele and banjolele while jamming with bluegrass groups.

A disruptive approach

Cyber Armada takes a disruptive approach to insurance sales. Rather than employing well-connected producers, we focus on knowledgeable specialists with the ability to educate and inform clients. The emerging, yet fast growing, field of cyber insurance requires individuals with a true desire to inform, educate, and enable prospective clients to make difficult decisions on cyber risk issues. Our goal at Cyber Armada is to be the trusted advisor for C-Level executives as the make the best decisions possible for managing their cyber risk and insure - quite literally - the financial future of their companies.