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We believe that cyber liability insurance requires a different approach than those offered through traditional insurance agencies
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Cyber insurance is unusual. It brings together aspects of information security, risk management and business management. No single expertise alone is enough to enable a business to address the risks caused by cyber attacks. To enable a business to understand what cyber attacks put at stake, how theses risks can become reality, and what needs to be done to prevent the worst from happening requires expertise in all three areas.

Protect your business from financial hardship while managing information security risk.

We believe that Stand-Alone Cyber Insurance requires a different approach than those offered through traditional business property and casualty insurance agencies. With our unique alliances with expert Information security and IT vendors, training and background in cyber security, and a vast partner network of insurance carriers and brokers, we help you to discover an appropriate mix of services, planning and policy coverage to optimize the performance of your business.

We eliminate the delays, frustrations, and anxiety found while working with traditional business property and casualty insurance agents on cyber insurance policies.


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