It's about cyber risk-management, not just cyber security.

Cyber insurance is unusual. It brings together aspects of information security, risk management and business management. No single expertise alone is enough to enable a business to address the risks caused by cyber attacks. To enable a business to understand what cyber attacks put at stake, how theses risks can become reality, and what needs to be done to prevent the worst from happening requires expertise in all three areas.

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It's about cyber risk-management, not just cyber security
4 out of 5 businesses surveyed indicate that it was likely or very likely that they will experience a cyber-attack. 3 out of 5 organizations have unfilled cyber security and/or information security positions. 50% of companies experienced an increase in cyber attacks last year compared to only 6% who had fewer.
 5 Action Steps to Manage Your Cyber Risk
5 Action Steps to Manage Your Cyber Risk: A Non-Technical Executive’s Guide

We’ve prepared an exclusive report that explains, in non-techie terms, the risks you face from cyber attacks - and most importantly, the costs. You will learn how to:

  • Lower your probability of a direct attack
  • Estimate what an attack could cost you
  • Budget for the cost of a cyber attack
  • Know your vulnerabilities
  • Be prepared to respond immediately to a cyber attack

Your balance sheet is under attack - the risks are real - so are the consequences. Download this free report to understand the 5 action steps you can take to manage your cyber risk

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Protect Your Business From Financial Hardship
While Managing Information Security Risk
We believe that Cyber Liability Insurance requires a different approach than those offered through traditional business property and casualty insurance agencies. With our unique alliances with expert iInformation security and IT vendors, training and background in cyber security (agents have CSX Fundementals Certificates), and a vast partner network of insurance carriers and brokers, we help you to discover an appropriate mix of services, planning and policy coverage to optimize the performance of your business.
Next Generation Cyber Insurance Defined
Next Generation Cyber Insurance Defined
Next Generation cyber insurance aligns all parties for cost reduction - a real win-win-win!
Understanding Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance
Understanding Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance
Learn the four components of risk management: avoid, accept, mitigate, and transfer.
We're Not Just Insurance, We're A Security Partner
We're Not Just Insurance, We're A Security Partner
Our approach employs proactive threat detection and real-time responses to cyber-attacks.
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New approaches to cyber insurance use technology to simplify the application and underwriting process. Instead of surveys and questionnaires, we use sophisticated tools to perform online scans that collect thousands of data points about your organization. These scans calculate a cyber security score and are formatted into an easily understood security analysis report for you to review.
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